Ridge Capping, Rebedding & Pointing

Adelaide tiled roofs are a durable, long lasting roof covering, but over time they are subjected to the constant extremes of the elements – wind, rain, baking sun and chilling cold. This eventually causes the mortar to break down to the point where it is reduced to a crumbling mass.

Movement of the roof also causes the mortar to eventually crack and break adhesion between the tiles and the ridge capping. A major cause of movement is the constant expansion and contraction of supporting timbers as they react to the changing extremes in temperature.

Weight and gravity also cause movement. Tiled roofs are heavy, which puts enormous pressure on supporting timbers. Over time, timbers can sag and even crack or break under the load. Gravity also creates a subtle but constant force that inherently tends to ‘drag’ the tiles slightly down the slope of the roof.

Left long enough, the entire ridge capping can become loose and unstable. The key to good roof maintenance is to repair the ridge capping long before the risk of water damage to your home is ever realised.

The term “rebed and point” is used when the ridge cap mortar has deteriorated beyond the point of resealing. When this occurs the mortar requires removal with the tiles and caps being cleaned free of the old mortar. The caps are then re-bedded back down into position with 3 to 1 ratio sand and cement mix. The caps edges are then wire-brushed when dry, removing ant bedding from the caps edges and tiles ensuring a clean surface for the flexible pointing to fasten to. The caps are then pointed (sealed) with new tinted flexible pointing.

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